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Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic panels (Solar PV or PV Panels) capture the sun's energy and convert it to electrical usable power. With 173,000 terawatts of sunlight reaching the earth continuously, the sun can provide an abundant amount of solar energy to power everything we do.  Combined with Aquatech's abundance of solar knowledge and affordable pricing, solar energy has never been simpler. Aquatech's mission is to help customers reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs. Since our foundation in 1992, Aquatech have built a reputation as one of the top solar energy suppliers in Ireland.

Photovoltaic panels are available as one sided or bi facial (2 sided)

We stock a variety of Tier 1 approved manufacturers panels in various sizes and outputs. Tier 1 manufacturers use the highest grade material to produce their panels. All the panels are resistant to the affects of salt water and hail stone resistant. 


Product Advantages:

  • 30 year product and material guarantee
  • Reduces shadow loss up to 35% compared with conventional half cut panels
  • 25 year linear performance guarantee
  • All required product EU and world approvals
  • Innovational shingled module technology
  • Easy to install and durable
  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free
  • Roof, ground or facade mounted


  • All black Panels
  • The only module design in the industry that has a multi-channel parallel circuit, further improving anti-shading capability
  • Tested with a 1m3 snow load
  • Works in coastal environments
  • Tested to handle 25 mm ice showers

Traditionally, individual solar panels are made up from two half's.

If part of either half is partly shaded form a tree or a chimney then all the connected panels with the string will also lose half their power and subsequently if two half's are shaded then you will loose all the power in that string. This is because the panels are internally wired together in such a way that the output is reduced to the weakest panel within the system.

With Aquatech Solar panels they are divided into 10 sections instead of halved, because of their unique design only a minimum of 1/10th of the panel will stop working if shaded. This allows you to get much greater power from your system without using expensive optimisers to solve the above problem.


Innovative PV Solar Solutions

Solar modules from leading manufacturers at Aquatech Solar.
Our portfolio of PV modules is constantly updated to bring you products which offer the best performance, quality, value and variety. As a leading PV distributor throughout Ireland, our manufacturer relationships and purchasing power enable us to deliver the ideal balance of international presence and local service.

All our solar modules are subject to very stringent quality controls and we supply a range of mono-crystalline solar panels, in a variety of power ratings, to cater for all types and sizes of PV installation


Solar PV System Complete Kits

Photovoltaic panels are available as one sided and bi facial (2 sided)
We stock a variety of Tier 1 grade panels of various sizes and outputs. 

We offer Renac inverter starting from 1.1 KW to 150 KW models single and three phase. We supply complete systems including panels, inverter, mounting systems of your choice and electrical cabling to start and finish a job.


Specific Requirements?

If you require freestanding systems, flat roof installations and more, please let us know and we will assist you


SEAI grants for Solar PV Systems

A Grant of up to €2,400 is available for PV Solar Panel installations through the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)





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